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One of the services that ING offers is Private Banking. In addition to this service ING wanted to provide their most cherished customers with something special. A club that they can be part of and will provide them with inspiration, entertainment and a direct line to a personal assistant. 

ING asked Fonk to design and build the app that provides members of the Ki club with all the services that the club has to offer. Besides the app, we also developed a content management system, in which all the club members and content pieces can be managed by club administrators.  During this project I was responsible for user research, interaction design, prototyping and usability testing of the app and CMS system. 

Different steps in the design process: lean proposition canvas, storymapping, interaction design

How did we do it?

During our first workshop with the client we used a lean proposition canvas to capture our assumptions about the pains and gains of the target audience. After this workshop we validated the assumptions during interviews with the target audience.

I used a storymap, to map out the entire experience and all the functionalities that we planned on building. After testing the concept with ING clients, I processed all our learnings and set up the interaction design document.

An impression of the Ki app

Onboarding Members

New private banking clients are onboarded by their personal wealth manager. Managers create a new user, fill in the clients interests, generate a personal key and hand over the key to the client.

Digital Magazine

In the ki app, clients will find a magazine-like experience. The magazine contains a personalized selection of exclusive articles and events that the client is invited to attend.

One Phone Call Away

From every screen in the app, the client can easily call the personal assistant to book an experience they see in the magazine or get assistance with anything they like.

The value of contact with a real human being

During our brainstorm sessions there were a lot of ideas about ordering services straight from the app. After some research we killed this part of the solution. We discovered that it was much more valuable for clients to have contact with a real life assistant. A person that can really understand their needs. This insight shifted the focus of our product away from a digital ordering service. The app we built is all about inspiration and entertainment. It always provides a direct link to the real life assistant to place a request.

Want to know more about this project?

Want to know more about this project?

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